Since our last post, Marius has been attended an Ignite-workshop in Bangkok, where they learned about user research, design journeys and customer journeys.

In Business, Torstein and Julie attended a strategy workshop with the wholly owned subsidiaries Telenor Inpli, Dipper and Telenor Ucom. It was interesting to see and discuss how these companies can work together and the effect this can have on Telenor Business.

This weekend Torstein and colleagues from Sales SME represented Telenor at the Telering gathering. Telering is an external distribution chain with over 120 dealers in all parts of Norway. Their sales personnel work closely with Telenor’s sales teams and external distribution is an important contributor of our sales. The Telering gathering was in Bergen, over two days filled with professional content and social events.

Lavinia is still enjoying life in Talkmore, with new challenges every day while Silje is trying out a new role in Fixed & TV that she might enter when the trainee year is over.

Update on our challenge

We are now focusing fully on one internal idea. The presentation date is the 15th of June and both CEO Sigve Brekke and Chief People Officer Cecilie Heuch will attend. This means that we have just under two months until the project are presented. We’re closing in on a solution, but there is still a lot of work to be done.

We have recently sent out two different surveys – one for new employees and one for everyone working in Telenor, and we’ve conducted additional interviews.

We hope and believe that these surveys and interviews will give us useful insight, which we will use when we start making a prototype.

The next trainee meeting will be a workshop, where we try to make the requirement specification for our solution. This will give us a clear view if we have to collect additional information before testing the solution.

Even though the deadline for the project is closing in, we’re certain that we’ll be ready to present a solution for Sigve and Cecilie on the 15th of June.

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The Trainees

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