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March has been a month full of fun experiences and new lessons. Even though we still have a lot to learn, we have become pretty comfortable in our trainee roles. Some of us have also started to map out what to do after the traineeship is over.

Update from the trainees

Lavinia is enjoying her new role as acting CMO in Talkmore. As Talkmore is a much smaller company than Telenor, Lavinia is for sure experiencing some of the differences that comes with this. For instance, Talkmore’s customer service sits in the same room as the Management Team, so it is possible to test things out and get a very quick response whether things work or not – and then tweak a bit and try again.

Marius’s team, in Group Product & Marketing, has just conducted a gathering for the whole division with lots of creative work and focus on important areas, such as digital go-to-market models, and personalization and business model re-invention.

In Fixed & TV Norway, Silje and her co-workers have celebrated 3 times as many app users compared to a regular month on the entertainment portal, T-We. Apparently a lot of people from Norway were eager to follow the Winter Olympics from their TV’s. (Fun fact: Norway won the most gold medals in the Championship!)

Torstein and Julie are continuing with their jobs in the Norwegian Business Division. This month, the Business Division announced a new initiative called Smart Seafarming, with focus on improving efficiency and introduction of new tools for the sea farming sector. We are looking forward to following this initiative going forward.

She Conference

On the International Women’s Day, Silje, Torstein and Julie attended the SHE Conference. This initiative focuses on inspiring and motivating women to “take the next step” in their careers, and the key notes addresses topics like female investors, female start-ups and politics of equal opportunity. Telenor encouraged men also to attend the conference, as these topics should concern all of us. All in all a great day!

Trainee Challenge

Over the last couple of weeks, we have progressed a lot with our two ideas. We are using the method of customer journey mapping to identify information gaps and pain points for the users. The internal idea is starting to take form, and, to gather insight, we have interviewed employees in Telenor. Our focus has been on talking to people in different departments and in different roles. We have also talked to Group People in Telenor to understand how the HR systems in Telenor work today.

The external idea is about waste, and how the waste sector can utilize tools like sensor technology and analytical programs to optimize everyday work. Here, we have also talked to many interesting stakeholders, for example waste companies and building owners. They have all given valuable input on pains and helped us understanding the sector we are looking at. We hope that our research will show to be valuable when we start the solution storming next month!

Next steps

We only have three months left before we will have our final presentation for Sigve. We expect this to be a busy time full of new discoveries and interesting work. Stay tuned to see where the solution storming will take us!

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