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February commenced with kick-offs for Silje and Lavinia in the Fixed & TV and Mobile division, where both Berit Svendsen and Sigve Brekke presented Telenor’s purpose – “Connecting you to what matters most. Empowering Societies”. The gatherings were also a good way to meet new colleagues and hear about other projects than the ones we work on daily. The Fixed & TV management group also performed a fabulous dance to kick the party off – it’s good to have leaders with a sense of humour!


Telenor is a dynamic company where things change fast, and some of us have felt this first-hand over the past month. Lavinia has just been appointed to work in the management team for Telenor’s subsidiary Talkmore for three months, since one of the current team leaders has been selected to participate in the Ignite program (more on this later!).

At the same time, Marius is now working for Svein Henning Kirkeng, Telenor Group’s Chief Marketing Officer. Working in a large company opens for truly interesting internal dynamics and a rapidly changing work environment!

Apart from these events, things are busy and interesting. Torstein is analyzing Norwegian market performance while Julie recently helped set up Telenor Norway’s new Internet of Things Hub.

This is a new centre at Fornebu showcasing a large variety of prototypes that Telenor and our partners are working on. Drones, health-tech and even a new prototyping lab with 3D-printers available to use for all Telenor employees are just some of the awesome things here.


In January, Marius visited Singapore to help out with the Ignite Pitching Session. Ignite is Telenor’s internal innovation incubator, and this year 7 teams from various Telenor-countries got selected to join a 3-month start-up incubator programme run by innovation experts from the Group. These pitching sessions and the up-and-coming entrepreneurs that held them gave us a lot of inspiration for working on our own challenge as well!


On that note, we’ve narrowed down our Challenge scope to one external idea where we’re currently working on the business case, and one idea for how to improve Telenor internally. In a huge company spanning 12 very diverse countries, the internal coordination challenges can be substantial, so we recently had a workshop on how to tackle these issues. Let’s see what we come up with! For our external idea, we are now in the process of assessing the market, talking to potential partners and doing user research on potential customers. This is a time-consuming task, but extremely important in order to understand exactly what the customer needs.

March is going to be an interesting month for Lavinia in her new role in Talkmore, and for all of us working on the Challenge. Stay tuned!

The Trainees.

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