Hi everyone,

Another month is soon over and Christmas is closing in. Last week it snowed in Oslo for the first time this winter and the view at Fornebu was amazing.

Beautiful Fornebu.

The past month has been pretty busy. There is a lot of exciting projects in our divisions, and we are invited to take part in many different activities.

Since Silje, Lavinia, Julie and Torstein are all in Telenor Norge, they were invited to take part in Norges-ULF (utvidet lederforum). It was a full day of presentations, workshop, quiz and dinner at the coworking space Mesh, here in Oslo.

Marius, as a trainee in Products and Markets in Telenor Group, was invited to Bangladesh and Myanmar with his leader and spending this week there. We can’t wait to hear about it when he returns later this week.

Eating cake at our Friday meeting.

Our focus these weeks has been to follow up on our top 7 ideas. We have been in contact with different internal and external persons that have helped and given us their knowledge about our different ideas.

We are looking forward to tell you guys more about our ideas at a later point in time

Marius and Maria, one of the trainees in Microsoft.

The Telenor Management Trainee program is also a part of the Trainee Network, which consists of trainees from over 20 different companies.

We have both formal and social gatherings, and last month we were invited to Microsofts office for some sushi and a presentation of their products and services. It was great to meet other trainees and to hear more about their trainee programs.

Last week we gathered at Lavina’s apartment where we finally got to meet her beautiful dog, Kira, and ate amazing lamb followed by brownies with ice cream. Some of us were also introduced to the Australian food spread, Vegemite. Let just say that the lamb tasted better.

Family photo. We have swapped Torstein for Kira.

Have a great December, everyone!

The Trainees

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