Hello, everyone!

We’ve just finished our second month in Telenor, and I think we can all agree that we’ve had two exiting and fun months full of new impressions.

Even though we’ve started to get more comfortable in our new roles as Management Trainees, we are learning something new every day. This week, we went to visit the Innovation Center at Fornebu.

Guided tour at the Innovation C enter with Arnfinn Nyseth

The Innovation Center is a showroom for innovation projects that Telenor has a relation to, as well as an arena for development and creativity. Here, we could experience future products and solutions like IoT solutions, VR glasses and even meet a new friend, the SoftBank robot, Pepper. The VR glasses were especially popular among us trainees.


Marius and Julie trying out the VR glasses.

We have also continued with our Trainee Challenge. Last month, we looked at areas that might be interesting for Telenor to engage in. For this month, the goal has been to brainstorm around these areas and to find out where Telenor has the greatest potential. We have spent especially much time on trying to find the real “customer pain” as we find this essential for a product to be successful.


Working hard on our Trainee Challenge

Our ideas have ranged from e-Health to education and transport. We’re still not sure what to go forward with – but there for sure is a lot of interesting things for Telenor to engage in! Next month we’ll aim to define and narrow down the solutions we’ve discussed this month.

Of course, we’ve had time for some social activities, too. Last week, we visited Oslo Adventure Rooms to try out the Escape Room concept. The tests required a strategic mindset combined with a great deal of teamwork, but we managed to get through all the tests and we escaped the room! We were also lucky enough to borrow some cool sunglasses and hats for our team photo as you can see above.

See you!

The Trainees.

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